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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Jinkx Monsoon takes home the crown in a J. Von Stratton custom gown!

Our hometown hero proves to the world that the nice girls do win!  Combined with talent, personality, and a fierce set of stage skills, Jinkx Monsoon wins the crown all while staying true to herself and being kind and supportive of her competitors.

I've created a few of Jinkx' looks both on the show and on the Red Carpet.  When she came to me to create her reunion gown of course I was delighted by the idea.
Jinkx is fabulous to work with.  As a designer, she really lets me do what I do best, and come up with a plan for the concept she wanted.

You're a true winner babe, and you deserve every stone on that crown!

Check out this pic from Freedom Fantasia last year.  Forshadowing much! (Here I'm playing the role of Roxxy.)

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