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Thursday, May 31, 2012

J. Von Stratton At the 2012 Moisture Festival

Here's the act in it's entirety.  As Seen on Evening Magazine:

Special Thank You to my interns Jess and Katie, Jen and Taffeta.
Also, thank you to Taffeta Vee for assitance during the performance.

Video by Alan Plotkin.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen."

I'm off to visit the beautiful city of Copenhagen today.  My home away from home.  I really look forward to visiting my family and friends.

Here are some fun facts about Denmark, that you may not know:

-Denmark was home to famed author Hans Christian Anderson...who wrote The Little Mermaid (Although his original version was much darker than the Disney version).
Here's Den Lille Havfrue

And here's TWO little mermaids:


(They look pretty happy...and blond.)

-In 1989 Denmark become the very first European country to legalize same-sex marriages and offer for gay partnership the same rights as for heterosexual couples.
(A little behind are we now US?)

- The Danish invented LEGO.

Check out these humorous Lego ads:

-The Danish Pastry, however, may not have come from Denmark.
(But who knows what to trust on the Wiki.)

-Some historian's believe that Great Danes originated in Denmark, although no one is sure.
The Great Dane is also known as the German Mastiff or Danish Hound.  They are awesome dogs.

-Denmark has Christiania, well, sort of.  Christiania is commune in the heart of Copenhagen, established in the 70's by squatters in an old unused military bunker.  40 years later, it's rich with culture, art, music, and is home to some awesome local cafes and bars.  The residents of Christiania are part of a community which looks to enrich their self made city, by openinging Christiania based business, schools, and community centers. 
But with this Freetown lifestyle, there came lots of issues amongst the city of Copenhagen, when it came to drugs.  Lots of drugs were being sold out of the main street.  However, when I say Drugs, I mean hash and marijuana.  Sure other types may have been sold, but this American girl doesn't really consider Hash and Weed 'serious drugs'.  If you're a fellow Seattleite, you know that crack and meth are WAY more serious. (Until I'm weary of a stoner like I am a meth-head, weed is nothin'.)
Since I first visited Copenhagen 4 years ago, I always enjoy a stroll through Christiania.  Some of the eco houses are the coolest you've ever seen! 
But, It seems as though the Danish Government may finally be winning, as Christiania slowly succumbs to the rules and regulations of the Danish Government.
Bevar Christiania

Look here for more information about this magicial city within a city:

Monday, May 7, 2012

Heading to Europe

JVS is delighted to be visiting the country of Switzerland, for this dazzling show:

Friends in the EU, don't miss this opportunity to take a weekend visit to Basel, and see both JVS and fellow Atomic Bombshell Lily Verlaine.

JVS Hearts Seattle

I may not have been born here, but even since my family moved here when I was 8, I've called myself a Seattle Native.
In the last month, I've been asked to participate in so many Seattle events, circulating around the 50th anniversary of the Worlds Fair.  I am honored to oblige.

First off, to promote the KCTS documentary "When Seattle Invented the Future"  (http://kcts9.org/when-seattle-invented-future-1962-worlds-fair), The Atomic Bombshells were asked to attend it's opening, in our costumes from our show Lost In Space.:

(Kitten and Lou with a patron)

(J. Von Stratton with Gracie Hanson impersonator)

Then later that week, Ruby Mimosa and I, as well as a charming young Elvis, popped around downtown Seattle, enjoying the first summer sun with our Pedi-Cab drivers (http://seattlepedicab.com/)

(Here we are at Dahlia Lounge about to enjoy a fried PB, bacon, banana sandwich.  Trust me, it was AMAZING!)

A few weeks later, I could not believe my luck, when randomly stopping in to The Pretty Parlor (www.prettyparlor.com) I met a gal named Erin, who was in need of a fancy dress for an upcoming party.  After meeting with her and her husband, I find out they are attending the Space Needle's 50th Anniversary Party.  I made her a wonderful navy chiffon dress inspired by the 60's style, and her husband a killer Space Needle Orange 60's style coat.  Check it out!

For those of you who don't know, the Space Needle was originally painted Orange during it's premiere in 1962.

But this does not conclude the end of all things Seattle related...no, no.

One of Seattle's notable Drag Queens Mama Tits (https://www.facebook.com/TheMamaTits?ref=ts)
Asked me to design her a Space Needle Dress.  She will be premiering the garment at this summer's Pride Parade (http://www.seattlepridefest.org/schedule/).
Although I can not show you the completed garment, until it has it's debut, I CAN show you this amazing picture of Mama...just for fun:

Yes, that's right.  Come on by Broadway Grill every Sunday for booze, and brunch, and Mama.

Seattle, I heart you, especially when you're having a Sunny day.

JVS Flying High

I have been taking aerial lessons with the mega talented Quynbi (http://www.quyn.com)
I'm just a few lessons in, so we decided to roll tape, and capture a bit of what I've been learning on video.  I'm no Pro yet (I'll need a few years), but boy is this fun and a great workout to boot!

I've edited in the song "Ne Sois Pas Si Bete" by France Gall.  Trust me, it's far more entertaining this way. ;-)

For more information about aerial lessons, contact Quynbi via her website above, or www.emeraldcitytrapeze.com

Friday, May 4, 2012

More images from EstepWorks Studios

These pictures were taken by my talented and long-time friend, Christopher Nelson.

(Caption Contest for this last one, anyone?)  :-)