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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lucky Penny COSMETICS!

It's Finally Here!
I've been designing custom colors inspired by my love of cosmetics, and the need for healthy products, that are made for the stage!

These cosmetics are made locally in Seattle, and are healthy, free from the toxins, additives, and preservatives found in other brands. The company Xerion Skin Science, has signed the Compact for Safe Cosmetics agreement, and only uses natural and healthy ingredients.

Healthy and Natural make-up that is bold and colorful, and ready for showbiz!

Pay only $5 shipping, if you order 3-5 items.
What a deal!

(Shipping costs will be refunded through paypal after you place your order.)

EYE Color Palettes
(High Pigments)


Color Palette


Color Palette


Lucky Penny "Copper Penny" Glitter Lip Gloss

*Copper Bronze with Pink Shimmer tone gloss, with LOADS of glitter.
Goes on slightly more sheer than pictured, so it's great on it's own, or over lipstick.

"Copper Penny"


"Copper Penny" Lip Stick

*A sexy coppery-bordeaux buttery texture lipstick, custom made to look chic for any occasion.
Goes on slightly more sheer than pictured. It can be built up on the lip for high drama, or lightly for a daytime look.

"Copper Penny"

"Locked-Up" Lip Stick

*The perfect Party Time Pink. Very Bold and Dramatic. Perfect for Stage or a Party!

Lipstick Color

Body Shimmer

Lucky Penny Body Shimmer

High Shimmer, and 100% Natural!


Body Shimmer

*Each cosmetic is hand made per order, so production time may vary.
Please allow up to three weeks processing and delivery.

We'll be busy little bees and get your order to you asap!
Please feel free to email me questions you may have about these products:
jvonstratton (at) gmail (dot) com
Thanks and Have Fun!