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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

One Step Closer to MOTHER

Cher has a mom, yes she wasn't just plopped on Earth one day in a custom Bob Mackie.
And did you know that Cher's mom is 87 and doesn't look a day over 50?
And did you know she's a VERY talented singer?

So as you could expect, my head nearly exploded when she said THIS about the costume I made for BenDeLaCreme.

Friday, March 21, 2014

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6: BenDeLaCreme

Here's the sitch ya'll, I've worked with DeLa on many different projects over the years.  When I found out she was going to be on Season 6 of RuPaul's Drag Race, my reaction was "Duh, You're a genius. You'll make great TV."

BenDeLaCreme is a smart cookie.  I'm not just saying that because we're friends.  I've seen Ben the producer work 18 hours days to make sure an act is perfect, then turn it out as DeLa like she's been performing it for years.  Never boring, never expected, ALWAYS entertaining.

So naturally being 4 episodes in to Season 6, the judges are taking a liking.  I'm proud to see my friend doing so well, and even more thrilled to see her turning out so many of the looks we designed for her.
Enjoy the gallery, and see you on Monday.


Seattle Dances raises over a 1/2 million for Plymouth Housing Group

This March marked my 3rd year working as the costume designer for the Seattle Dances event.  What could be better than ballroom glitz and glam with local celebs...It's a charity fundraiser for Plymouth!

Here are some pics of the dance duos.
Congrats Plymouth, and all the dancers, organizers, and crew of Seattle Dances 2014.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Killing it Seattle!

Macklemore wins 4 grammys

The Seahawks win the Superbowl.

I go away for 2 weeks and look at all the awesome magic that happens.

Congrats my little Emerald City.

This mini movie sums it up nice...and it doesn't hurt that we're in it!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis: The Heist Tour (Part 2)

The beautiful and super talented Zoe Rain has been taking shots of the tour since the beginning.  Here are a few she snapped of Ruby and I during the Seattle shows.

More at http://zoerainphotography.com/ and www.macklemore.com

Saturday, December 21, 2013

On Stage with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Well Well Well...directly on he heels of a whirlwind month (Lost in Space, Fashion Riot), Ruby Mimosa and I get the word that we'll be dancing on stage for the 3 nights Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are at  Key Arena.

Say. What.

Yes, Ruby and I have played a minor role in the world tour since June.  She and I are the Burlesque Gals in the vignette before "And We Danced".  My oh my, to play our roles live.  Why yes Sir, that sounds lovely!

Here we are, shimming and fanning Raven Bowie (aka Macklemore aka Ben Haggarty).
What an experience.  The Band, Crew, Production Team, EVERYONE was so darn sweet to us, and made us feel like we'd been for the ride all along.  What an experience

 "...cuz tonight is the night. DANCE!"

Final Show of Tour: Dec 12, 2013

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fashion Riot was a HIT!

I bet you wish you'd been there now huh!

The Belgian Spiegeltent known as Teatro Zinzanni was the setting for this showcase of Northwest Design and Talent.
And what a Night it was: Sold Out!
Fashion ranging from avant garde to leather bags, wearable fashion to vintage Eleganza...there was literally something for everyone!

This magical evening could not have happened without all the lovely and talented people involved, from the designers and models, Hostess and Dj, cast and crew, and the delightful folks at Teatro Zinzanni.

Enough of me waxing poetic, check out some pics for yourselves!

More to come.....