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Monday, June 17, 2013

From the Mouth of Burlesque EVERYTHING: Dita Von Teese

This lucky lady has had the privilege to perform with The Dita herself when she came through Seattle a few years ago.  The Atomic Bombshells have been a part of her tour a few times.  Not only is Dita quite delightful, and very real (no pretention detected in the slightest).  She is also tiny...like Inga Ingenue tiny...squeeeee. And she's quite the stunner...but duh!

Recently, she took the time to share some lovely words about The Atomic Bombshells with producer and founder of the Bombshells, Kitten LaRue.

 "It's been my pleasure to share the stage with some of the performers of the Atomic Bombshells over the years. As burlesque's revival unfolds on an international scale, it can be increasingly difficult to know which acts are the ones to see. Kitten LaRue offers her audience polished, clever, and glamorous striptease acts, a wonderful representation of modern burlesque in Seattle." - Dita Von Teese

Thanks Dita, we look forward to seeing your next Burlesque venture!

Guuurl...look at you...so bad-ass!

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