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Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Stranger Likes Me...they Really Like me.

...and a slew of other designers. hehe. Well, I'll take acknowledgement where I can get it.

The Stranger is our local Seattle "too hip for this shit" weekly paper. Condescendingly hilarious, they often beat the crap out of mainstream fads, reserving their praise for the underdog. I'm thankful to be a part of their first Annual Fashion Show (Worn Out), but also to have a mention alongside other fabulous hard working designers in this weeks paper.
It's as nice as being featured on
Cocoperez, or receiving a lovely email from Katy Perry's tour costume designer, and nice comments from Bob Mackie, and having Betsey Johnson tell me I'm 'Amazing'. *wink*

Finally my city likes me!

(photo by Kelly O.)

J. Von Stratton Designs

What it looks like: An assortment, ranging from bridal to cocktail to theater, with a focus on burlesque costumes in Von Stratton's aesthetic: high-glam fantasy sci-fi, with vintage throwbacks and a nod to Judy Jetson. This includes, for instance, a backless, body-clinging, reveal-ready gown that represents Venus, all aswirl with purple organza and satin and sculptural gold-tone bust cups suggesting a midcentury sexy-alien look. (For upcoming projects, Von Stratton has collected metallic place mats, mirrored paper, and solar-cell panels because she loves their futuristic sheen.)

Worth noting: The rules of garmentry become twisted in the realm of the stage world: Interior linings, ordinarily kept private, are exposed during the disrobe—so they must be especially dazzling. And the costumes appear delicate, but they can't be: They get thrashed when they're so joyfully whipped off and flung around.

Written by Marti Jonjak

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