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Monday, April 11, 2011


This weekend was the first annual Worn Out Fashion Show presented by The Stranger (a popular local Seattle paper).
The show was sold out...and boasted looks from all kinds of designers ranging in tailored Menswear, clear raincoats worn by naked ladies (Woot!), and giant fluffy tulle coats worn by dance group Dance Belt.

Part of the competition was a challenge offered by Vitamin Water Zero. It was an inspiration and color challenge. I was given SQUEEZED Lemonade, the colors being light grey and citron gold. Well, of course I immediately thought; SEQUINS!

(photo by Suzi Pratt)

Not only was the dress full sequin, in the color scheme of the bottle design. But my hair was decorated with pieces of the actual bottle, cut into rings and sewn to the wig, then the bottle label was cut into diamond shapes and glued to the accessory.

(photo by Suzi Pratt)

And Finally. Myself and a helper spent 2 days adhering over 2000 crystals in the citron and grey color, to a pair of platforms:

(Photo by Suzi Pratt)

Alas, it was a fun challenge, but I did not win the $1000 prize.

The winner was this adorable sportswear look from Miriam Reynolds:

(photo by Suzi Pratt)

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