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You have a fabulous idea for a costume, and you want to find someone to make your vision a reality?

YES, I can make that happen for you.

Before you contact me, here are some things you should know:

1.       I do not do alterations. 

2.       My minimum for custom work is $350.

3.       A four week lead time from date of contact to garment completion is ideal.  Requests falling within the 4 week time frame may be subject to rush fees and additional rush shipping charges.

4.       I require a deposit after initial consultation, before any supplies or work begins.  Deposit fee is determined by overall estimate of work.

5.       FINAL PAYMENT is due at time of completion and pick-up.  You will receive an Invoice via email prior to arranging pick-up of your garment.  I accept Check, Credit card, and PayPal.

6.      30 minute initial consultation, and two garment fittings and final pick-up are included in cost.  (Most garments are ready for departure after 2 fittings, on average.)  Any additional fitting are subject to hourly fees UNLESS requested by the designer.

7.       All Garments are subject to Washington State Sales Tax.  If you reside outside of Washington State, sales tax can be waived.

8.       Delight in your custom Garment; it was my pleasure to make your dream come true!

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