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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Color trends for Spring/Summer 2013

Here in Seattle, the dreariest month is Jan.  No more looking forward to Thanksgiving, and the red and green spectacle that occurs between then and Dec. 25th....nope.  January to Washingtonians means 6 more months of grey rainy blaahhhhhhh.

But....there is a light...THANK HEAVEN FOR THE INTERNET, where we can read about the trending bright colors for Spring and Summer.  Ahhhhh....I can feel the sun blinding me now.

I cannot wait to decorate my face with these colors, cuz you can bet I'm going to be bugging Dr. Jen's House of Beauty to make me all of these in eye shadows and lipsticks and glosses!

Check out what the infamous Finnish make-up artist Jangsara can do!  Get to adding to your color palette so you can achieve these looks!  (OMG, Alien?  Awesome!)

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