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Thursday, March 15, 2012

J. Von Stratton Designs for Seattle Dances

(Micheal and Carese)

The Plymouth Housing Group is one of Seattle's most notable charities. Building housing and finding homes for Seattle's homeless and disabled. It truly is an Emerald City treasure.
Every year the folks at Plymouth Housing Group throw a huge party in the style of Dancing with the Stars. The night follows 8 Seattle celebrities as they twist and turn, shimmy and shake, and padebure across the stage. I was honored to be appointed head designer for this year's event. 3 months later, my designs twirled across the stage on the lovely and talented participants.

This year Seattle Dances raised $450,000 for the Plymouth Housing Group.
Way to go everyone! I look forward to next year!

To learn more about the charity and the event, please visit:

To see video and images of the contestants, please visit:

(Nancy and Johnathan)

The night was topped off by the Last Dance being performed by the professional Dance Duo: Kitten and Lou...hummm, sound familiar. (wink)
They are also wearing J. Von Stratton

(Kitten and Lou Backstage)

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