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Thursday, May 13, 2010

What every DIVA Should Have.

Are you a Showgirl? A Burlesque Performer? A Drag Queen? Or a fabulous DIVA? For all my girls and boys who love expressing themselves through the art of make-up and pageantry, I'm going to share a few tips with you. Here's a list of things you should have/know:

1. Knowledge is Power. Make-up is fun, but many companies use LOADS of synthetics and chemicals which can be harmful to your body. Even the most expensive brands can be bad for you, so price doesn't necessarily mean anything. Utilizing this great website, will help you be able to find healthy products for everyday use:
For instance, Loreal's Bare Natural Mineral foundations are rated at only a 3. This is an affordable healthier option for everyday coverage.

2. Olive Oil.
A good general rule I try to follow is, "If I wouldn't eat it, I shouldn't put it on my skin."
Now obviously, that doesn't always apply (I would not eat eyelash glue, but I still use it.)
Olive Oil is my favorite beauty product. It's GREAT as an eye make-up remover. Really. And, if it gets in your eyes, it wont matter (other than a smidge of blurry vision). It works great. If you look at the first few components of any eye make-up remover, you'll see "mineral oil". This way, you're just cutting out the middle man. Olive oil is also great skin moisturizer, and excellent at removing spirit gum.

3. Sunblock.
No one likes wrinkles, so pile the sunblock on! I use JASON SPF 46 Kid's Sunblock. Everyday, even in my apartment. Can't be too careful. And if you think pale is out, and tan is in, then there are a wide range of self tanning options. Keep in mind though, here in the West, being tan is a sign of luxury. In most Eastern cultures, pale is the coveted, a sign of the bourgeois. While a tan is noted most common to the farmers and fieldworkers. Most skin creams in the East have bleaching agents in them.

4. Moisturizer.
I've mentioned olive oil, and that is an excellent option. Another great product, and a good choice to support a local company (if you live in the Northwest anyway), is Wild Carrot Herbals Vanilla Bean Butter Cream. I love this stuff. It's affordable. Healthy. And smells DELICIOUS!

5. H2O
Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate! (Even I'm guilty of not doing this enough.)

6. A good dance music Pandora Station/Itunes Playlist.
Throwing on your favorite Guilty-Pleasure playlist (I love my Lady Gaga Pandora Station) and just boogieing around your apartment, is a great way to release endorphins, get some exercise, and take a little time to have some fun during the day. Don't worry, as far as your apartment knows, you ARE Beyonce and are a Fierce Diva. No one is judging.

7. A Good Attitude.
I know this sounds corny. But it's TRUE! Having a positive attitude, and trying to see the bright side of a situation is a massive tool. People want to be around others who are fun, positive, and upbeat. Making little reminders for yourself about staying upbeat and grateful, can really effect you life. Always remember that even on your darkest day, there are others out there who are striving just to survive. There is no benefits to whining and complaining (eventhough we're all human, and are guilty of doing this every once and a while.) Just try to check yourself.

Monty Python's SPAMALOT "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life"

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