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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lost in Space detailed costume credits

Opening Number:

All Costumes by J. Von Stratton

Jasper McCann Captain Outfit: created by himself

First Mate Stella Rose: J. Von Stratton

Space Lady Bug (Ben De La Crème): Costume by J. Von Stratton

Headdress by Ben De La Creme

Meteor Shower: All costumes by Von Stratton

The Girl on the Flying Saucer (Ruby Mimosa):

Costume by Von Stratton

Space Helmut and Flying Saucer by Ruby Mimosa


All Costumes by Von Stratton

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (Fanny N Flames):

White skirt and white bra by Von Stratton

Red undergarments by Fanny N Flames


All costume by Miss Indigo Blue

Barbarella (honey D. Luxe):

All costumes by Von Stratton

Ray gun designed and created by Von Stratton with special LED light engeneering by Mike Prevette

Wig by Ben De La Crème

Venus (Lily Vanderlou):

Dress by Von Stratton


All costumes by Von Stratton

Wigs by FiFi Mahoneys New Orleans

Waxie Moon:

White arm cuffs by Von Stratton

All other by Waxie Moon and Kitten La Rue

Robot (Ivy St. Spectre):

Skirt and undergarments by Von Stratton

Bodice and Wig by Paula Oliver

Falling Stars (The Arealistas)

Body Suits by Von Stratton

Queen of Saturn:

Costume by Von Stratton

Wig by Fifi Mahoney’s New Orleans

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